About Greenville Cleaning Service

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We are a small business located in Greenville, SC. The success of our business rests on the quality of our people. All staff have passed a criminal background check and have been trained to do a great job for our customers.

At Greenville Cleaning Service we provide a service which we constantly seek to improve and refine through training and hands on experience.

Health and Safety are also vitally important to both ourselves and to our customers. We use eco-friendly and extremely reliable cleaning supplies.

Why Choose Us?

  • 1
    We are reliable and professional.
    You can count on us to start and complete the cleaning of your home as scheduled.
  • 2
    We provide the cleaning supplies.
    We use only the best products for your home. All of our cleaning staff are fully trained to know when to use which products.
  • 3
    We schedule for your needs.
    We offer weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and one-time cleanings as often as you need.